CSIPC Creation

Created in 2018, Center SÈVE International Partnership Committee (CSIPC) is a graduate student’s committee member of Center SÈVE. Conducted by ten students from Quebec Universities, CSIPC increases collaborations between Quebec and international researchers in plant biology field. CSIPC stimulates Quebec research networking by a better broadcast of knowledge from its community through plant productivity or ecosystem sustainability, all together with a proactive behavior facing the actual global changing.CSIPC is an opportunity for involved student to contribute to their scientific community and manage the organization of events that benefit the whole scientific community of Plant biologists from Quebec.

Centre SEVE logo

Originally, the Centre SÈVE

The Centre SÈVE is the only inter-institutional research centre in Quebec to bring together researchers in non-forestry plant science. Founded in 2004, the Centre SÈVE relies on major funding from the FRQNT through its Strategic Clusters Program. The Centre also receives funding from its university partners, as well as the funding agencies support its research activities and other partners. The wide-ranging scientific expertise of the Centre SÈVE is outlined in the section on multidisciplinary research activities. The Centre SÈVE develops collaborations with many partners that have common objectives of research, dissemination of knowledge, national and international exposure, and training of undergraduate and graduate students. One objective of the Centre SÈVE is to provide its members with access to, and services from, a common infrastructures platform.