Congratulations, Karen Cristine Goncalves, our president, for her finishing her PhD and for publishing a paper in MPDI Microorganisms: Unrelated Fungal Rust Candidate Effectors Act on Overlapping Plant Functions.



Although 2021 has only begun, researchers members of Centre SEVE have been busy. Congrats for their great job during this pandemic!

Take a look at their publications here:

Dominique Michaud

Anne-Lise Routier-Kierzkowska


Say hello to our two new members of the CSIPC: Snehi Gazal (VP Communication) and Valeria Parra (VP Networking)!

We thank Claire Letanneur, Teura Barff and Marianne Bessette for their work. They may no longer be part of the executive committee, but they will always be welcome to our meetings and events.


Congratulations to Michelle Boivin (UQTR), a student at the Centre SÈVE for her intriguing project of revalorizing organic matter.



Congratulations to Aracely Maribel Diaz Garza, our secretary, for her paper about the temporal Dynamics of Rhizobacteria in crops grown in a semi-arid ecosystem.



Next Synbio Canada webinar, organized by one of our members, Fatima Awwad.



Congratulations to Karen Cristine Goncalves, our secretary, for her preprint about fungal candidate effectors.

Great work!

Preprint: Differential alteration of plant functions by homologous fungal candidate effectors


Congratulations to Fadoua Dhaouadi, Fatima Awwad and Andrew Diamond for the publication of a scientific review about diatoms.

We specially congratulate Fadoua Dhaouadi for her first publication!

Review: Diatoms" breakthroughs in biotechnology: Phaeodactylum tricornutum as a model for producing high-added value molecules


Today, Romaric Armel Mouafo Tchinda practiced his presentation for Ma thèse en 180s de l"ACFAS, where he will represent Université de Sherbrooke.

Watch the finals November 19th.


Submitted by their students, the laboratories of Pr. Desgagné-Penix et Pr. Germain won the Canadian Bureau for International Education Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Award.



We are happy to announce and invite you to Centre SÈVE"s Student Poster Competition 2020. This virtual event will take place on November 25th and 26th 2020.

The registration page for participants and for submission of posters is now online. There you will find also all the information about the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Charles presentation

Charles presentation

Conférence Web from Centre SÈVE today, with Charles Roussin-Léveillée from the Université de Sherbrooke. Thank you to all participants!

Source: Centre SÈVE


You want to know more about our guest Isabelle Laforest-Lapointe, of USherbrooke for the August 25th ?

Read this article about her work!!

photo of leaves

#whatsupconferences #plantscience #SEVE #CPICS


You want to know more about our guest Leena Tripathi for the August 25th ?

Watch this video of IITA CGIAR about her work !!

#whatsupconferences #plantscience #SEVE #CPICS


Centre SÈVE has announced a new series of Web Conferences that starts September 15th!

September 15th François Belzile Aventures dans l’univers des SNP : un premier bilan de SoyaGen, un projet de grande envergure en génomique du soya
September 22nd Charles Roussin-Léveillée The Apoplastic Battleground in Plant-Pathogen Interactions
September 29th Vicky Lévesque L’amendement en biochar: Une approche durable pour améliorer la santé du sol et la croissance de la plante en horticulture
October 13th Hamid Akbarzadeh Sustainable Bio-inspired Metamaterials
October 20th Valerio Hoyos-Villegas The McGill Field Phenomics Platform: Increasing Resolution for Complex Trait Improvement
October 27th Tagnon Missihoun



Congratulation to the Centre SEVE students that are presenting at the Worldwide Plant Biology Summit 2020.

You can see their posters in our twitter (link bellow).

Karuna Kapoor

Amir Bidhendi, Francisco Campos, Gaële Lajeunesse, and Julian Henao-Martinez

Adrien Fremont, Charles Roussin-Léveillée, Eszter Sas and Guilherme Silva-Martins

IRBV McGill University Université de Laval Université de Montréal Université de Sherbrooke
Camille Auger Amir Bidhendi Francisco Campos Eszter Sas Charles Roussin-Léveillée
Adrien Fremont Karuna Kapoor Gaële Lajeunesse
Meha Sharma Guilherme Silva-Martins
Julian Henao-Martinez Iauhenia Isayenka


Fatima Awwad, postdoc from UQTR, presented us today the potential of microalgae in the Centre SEVE"s web conferences. Thank you to all participants.

Source: Centre SEVE


Another captivating Centre SEVE"s web conference today with [Karen Cristine Gonçalves] from UQTR. Thank you to all participants.

Source: Centre SEVE


Welcome to Aracely Maribel Diaz Garza and Vincent Charron-Lamoureux in CSPIC"s administration as secretaries, replacing Alexia Bertholon, who unfortunatly had to leave the committee.

Congratulation to you two!


Congratulations to Claire Letanneur, PhD student at UQTR, for the award of a grant at the first competition of the student category from the FRQNT illustration of DIALOGUE funding. Only four projects were selected for each research sector of the FRQ"s



We would like to thank Rose-Marie Bell, master"s student in Plant Biology at the Université Laval, for sharing her experience at the Centre SÈVE Annual International Symposium in the student newspaper L"Agral.

OGM, tabou démystifié : topo sur le symposium international annuel du centre SÈVE
French only


Some memories of the Centre SÈVE Annual International Symposium

Department of Biology - University of Sherbrooke

About sixty participants and speakers were able to share their knowledge, discuss and forge links on the theme of “Biotechnology for food security”

Objective achieved for this first symposium organized by the students of CPICS!

Thank you once again to the event sponsors:


Registration for the first edition of the Centre SÈVE Annual International Symposium which will take place on August 23, is now open!

Students have the option of submitting an abstract to be selected for an oral presentation.

Here is the information to know:

  • The deadline for submitting an abstract is Monday July 22.

  • The abstract should be a maximum of 200 words.

  • It should be sent to the address: , putting in cc. and .

  • The expected duration per presentation is 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions.

  • Given the international scope of the symposium, English will be prioritized as the language of presentation and submission of abstracts. However French will also be accepted.

  • The decision taken by the committee will be communicated to each author no later than Monday, August 2, 2019.

To register, go to the Center SÈVE website. You will also find the schedule for the day and more, so don"t delay.

We can"t wait to see you there.


We finally have the pleasure to introduce the Centre SÈVE International Partnership Committee. As you might know, we aspire to create collaboration opportunities between Centre SÈVE researchers and research laboratories in the rest of the world. We are currently working on the first Centre SÈVE Annual International Symposium, which will address “Biotechnology for Food Security” this year.

Stay tuned for more information not only on the symposium, but also on research topics addressed within Québec and outside.

In the meantime, We are leaving you with this pretty picture of this year’s committee.